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"Robot + government service" to jointly create a new model of intelligent government
Along with the rapid development of modern information and technology of China, the government gradually to informationization, intellectualization, it will be good for government affairs information the efficient use of resources, reduce duplication of investment, to improve the working efficiency of the government affairs department to reduce errors, improve the accuracy and service level of government departments, easy accept government public service.

AOBO robot put forward the solution of "robot + government service", which was developed in a government hall in huizhou by using pepe robot in combination with government service. It provides various service functions, such as business consultation and business handling, for the citizens who come here to solve the problems encountered in government service handling more quickly.

As a professional robot manufacturers, AOBO's acclaimed service robot products, committed to the research, development, production and sales of service robot, is the pioneer Chinese commercial service robot, for food, housing, schools, Banks, government, hotels, airports, theaters, supermarkets, hospitals, family, auto 4 s shops, shopping center, office and other service industries with intelligent service robot integration solutions.

Title of this article:"Robot + government service" to jointly create a new model o

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