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With the development of robots and the maturity and intelligence of AI technology, a German bank intends to use robots to write simple analyst reports in order to reduce costs.

The picture shows the silly and powerful robot produced by Aobo Robot.

The plan of using robotic artificial intelligence to produce research reports is still in its early stage. It may take several years for robots to write reports for you to read. Now the main research direction is enterprise financial reports.

Corporate financial reporting has great potential for automation, because stock research reports of financial reports are usually similar in structure and have consistent standards for manuscripts, so that robotic learning ability can obtain data, and then use natural language processing system to generate reports. Similar technologies such as football match reports, compared with human analysts after reading the financial reports and then writing them. Comparing with the following report, robots hold 75% of the key points, and some analysts point out that if the content of the report is abstract, the technology of the report is not yet in place.

Title of this article:Analyst panic! Banks began writing analysis reports with rob

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