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Unexpectedly, the robot will toast you and drink up the wine. Many people lament that they like drinking, but they don't like drinking alone. The emergence of this robot solved the problem.“One drunk”The problem.
Some people dare to speculate that the Japanese must be responsible for such a big creative brain hole. But the answer is to disappoint them.

The drinking robot was invented by a Korean with the help of his wife. It consists of three parts: a face for drinking and showing expression, an arm that lifts a glass and touches it with you, and a glass jar under the fuselage.——It's used to hold the drinks of robots.

The robot holds the glass in its right arm. When it feels the wine is poured into it, it raises its arm and touches the glass, then holds the glass up and drinks it slowly.……



I don't know if the blushing drinking robot can bring you comfort when you are drunk alone. Or is it more lonely?

Title of this article:One drunk?Drinking Robot with You

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