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Lionfish has become a major problem in Bermuda waters, seriously threatening the local marine environment. It belongs to exotic species and has no natural enemies; it has a long life and can survive. 30 Years; reproductive capacity is strong, one year can give birth. 200 Ten thousand fish eggs. What's more, it's a very crazy predator. In half an hour, a lionfish can be wiped out 20 Other fish.


Robot for catching lionfish. This robot is calledGuardian(Guardian) It is embedded in the water, knocks out the lionfish and receives it into the body. After catching enough lionfish,Guardian Surface. These fish are then sold to restaurants.


“There is a need for lionfish. If you can catch them, someone will pay you.” Angle Say,“The challenge is that it's hard for people to get into deep waters. That's the main area where lionfish live and breed. Robots can sneak in 200,300 Even 400 It's a very powerful tool because it's foot deep.”

Title of this article:Fishing Robot Solves Species Invasive Fish

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