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The concept of prosthetic limbs has been redefined by robots

When it comes to prosthetic limbs, what images come to mind?

The world's fastest disabled runner, South Africa's "Blade Warrior" Oscar·Oscar Pistorius(Oscar Pistorius)The prosthetic limbs called Cheetahs?Or semi-robotic robotic arms in science fiction?

If you take a little care, it's not hard to find that the current perception of prosthetic limbs revolves around "substitution", serving the disabled and the enthusiastic science fiction fans who accept the transformation of their bodies.

But a graduate student in industrial design from Britain Dani Clode But there are totally different opinions.

She believes that in addition to replacing body parts, prostheses can also be used as accessories to connect our bodies, add to the daily life, and even become an extension of our bodies and abilities.

  Dani It took only two years at the undergraduate level to get to Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand(Victoria University of Wellington)Bachelor's Degree in Innovative Design and Industrial Design(Bachelor of Design Innovation,Industrial Design)。

After graduation, she went to several internships related to her major, first in her native New Zealand, and then to the three British islands.2015 When I was young, I left school. 3 Years later, she returned to school. QS Royal College of Art ranks first in the world's Universities(Royal College of Art)Studying product design, I have graduated smoothly.

  Dani Clode Bring a cool project named "The Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden GoldenThe Third Thumb"(Third thumbs)Adding a wearable hardware similar to a finger outside the pinky thumb to help with life. This was acquired within the Royal Academy of Art. Helen Hamlyn Innovation Award(Helen Hamlyn Award for Creativity)The earliest inspiration came from a scientific study of how the human body connects and controls the upper limb prosthesis.

Although the "third thumb" is only a prototype that has not yet been polished perfectly, it will be upgraded continuously in the future.

You can use it. 3D The third thumb created by printing is as free as the rest of your normal thumb. 10 Root fingers. From this point of view,The Third Thumb In fact, it should be summarized as "Part 1". 6 "Finger" is more accurate.(Imagine that there will be a first place in the future. 7 Refer to 8 finger……At that time, playing Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody with one hand would no longer exist only in fantasy.)。

Accept Dezeen In the interview,Dani Clode Said:

  Prosthesis(prosthesis)The original meaning of this word should be "add, add", not a common fixed prosthesis or a direct replacement of the original body parts. It is more applied to extend our body and expand our life.

  The Third Thumb The project is also inspired by this level, and our vision is to explore new possibilities for prosthetics and reshape them as an extension of the human body.

As mentioned earlier, there are two knots of "the first" 6 The finger is located below the little thumb and is connected to your body through a ring. Contains many servo motors(servo motorAs its name implies, it is a micro-special motor used to control actuators in automatic control devices.)And cable;The Bracelet responds to instructions sent through Bluetooth.

You can even tell "No. 1" by placing a pressure sensor on the sole of your foot. 6 Next step: For example, when you want to take something with it, you just stamp your foot. In the interview,Dani Clode It's easy to learn.

"No. 6 It is made of a material with excellent flexibility and can be used in cable system. This design mainly imitates the high flexibility and freedom of fingers in daily life. Adoption of production process 3D Print for The Third Thumb Customization in future version design offers unlimited possibilities.

  Dani Clode The ingenious design brings the future of human progress one step closer.

In short, from now on, prosthetic limbs will not only play a role in helping people with disabilities, but also help us expand our abilities and become stronger.

  Clode The summary is exciting: "It is not only a tool to help us, but also a unique experience, but also a form of self-expression.The Third Thumb The implication of capacity will be reshaped. "

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