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Self2013Since our country surpassed Japan and became the largest industrial robot market in the world in 1997, our industrial robot profession has always attracted close attention from industry to academia and financial circles.

Enter2017It is even more gratifying to note that the speed of the development of industrial robotic shopping malls in China is better than expected. According to people in the industry, with the continuous burst of business, it seems that industrial robots in China are now in existence.“Four we race”In addition to the exclusive traditional industrial robots, find another way to encircle.

Recently, some new three-board industrial robotics companies and listed companies have made great achievements in the first half of the year.

Bronte, New Third Board Industrial Robot Company(430394)The quarterly report shows that the company completed its operating income in the first quarter.6520Ten thousand yuan, year-on-year increase142%;Net profit near800Ten thousand yuan, year-on-year increase300%。

Torsta, an industrial robotics company that has just turned the board(300607)2017The annual semi-annual performance forecast shows that the net profit estimates attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in the first half of the year have arrived.5300ten thousand-6100Ten thousand yuan, year-on-year increase77%-104%。

If that's all2017A rapid increase in China's industrial robotic shopping malls in 2000“Section”So from the International Federation of Robots(IFR)The data provide a more complete and comprehensive assessment of the future of China's industrial robotic shopping malls.

  IFROfficial statements speculate that although all Asian shopping malls will see a boom in industrial robots, they will2019Global Robot Sales40%Will be in our country.

There are also experts in the industry who share the same view.“I think the increase in robotic shopping malls is more impressive than it can be seen.”Bi Yalei, Secretary-General of Shenzhen Robot Association, said in an interview with reporters at the New Third Board Forum of the Securities Times that“Because today's results are still released by large companies and traditional professions, small and medium-sized industrial robotics companies may grow faster.”

Piaret, for example,2016In 2001, Shenzhen Robot Association launched China Merchants Bank to grant loans to small and medium-sized robotic companies without pledge.“They released them at that time.11Later, they found that these companies had naturally increased rapidly, with virtually no bad debts.”

This was a very valuable sight in the economic environment at that time.

This data will continue to be strengthened.“This year they want to triple that of the previous year.30Billions of loans to robotics companies.”Said bire.“In addition to China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank and other financial institutions are also targeting robotic companies.”

At present, there is not much consistency in the calculation of robots in our country, especially in the traditional calculation method of robots, which is only a computer arm.“It can't calculate much.”。

Following the trend of robotic replacement, Biaret thinks that there will be an increasing number of robotic companies coming to the surface. For example, intelligent equipment, wearable equipment and other Shenzhen Robot Association has now been incorporated into the Professional Computing company. The number and plans of robotics companies we will see by then will not be limited to the data we have seen so far.

The explosion of industrial robotic shopping malls in China has also motivated Japan, the country where traditional robots are manufactured.

According to the Japanese Robot Industry Accounting,2017In the first quarter of the year, the export volume of this industry to China increased year on year.48%Arrival457Billion yen(approximately amount to27.5Billion RMB)And estimate2017The annual output value of industrial robots will reach a record high. Japanese machinery manufacturers have numerous plans to increase the production capacity of industrial robots.

As soon as the above-mentioned news comes out, how many years has the robot industry lagged behind the international market in China?“High-end Career Low-end”Such concepts have once again been hotly debated.

People in the industry think that although in the field of traditional industrial robots such as reducers, it is practical for our counterparts to lag behind in the level of prosperity, but perhaps our industrial robots are not so.“Unable to win”。

  2016year5In June, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance issued the Robot Industry Development Plan.(2016-2020)To our country“The 13th Five-year”During this period, the robotics industry began to make adjustment plans and requested5During the year, a relatively complete robotic industrial system was formed.

Together, the plan also addresses2020Annual output value of self-supporting brand industrial robots arrived in 200110Wan Tai;Annual output value of industrial robots with six or more axes5Over 10000 units;The new generation of robotics technology has been broken, and intelligent robots have achieved innovative applications.

"Shenzhen Robot Industry White Paper" explains that the national level approach, the primary focus is to promote the robot industry to high-end, and do a good job in industry development guidance, during which the key points to support the improvement of the quality of key parts and reliable functions of the robot industry is an important link.

Qudaokui, chairman of China Robot Industry Federation and President of Xinsong Robot Corporation, also provided data. Although the foundation of China's Robot Industry is relatively thin, it is speeding up the pursuit:2016Domestic sales of multi-joint robots increased year on year93%It accounts for 40% of the total sales of domestic industrial robots. He also showed that“Estimate2020In 1998, the share of high-end industrial robots in local shopping malls reached50%Above.”

Therefore, whether it is the sales growth rate of high-end robots, the overall proportion, or the policy support, all show that China's industrial robots intelligent, high-end accelerated remarkable.

  “Traditional robotic professions, such as six-axis robots, reducers, etc., are still far away from well-known international companies, which is practical.”Bire showed that“But when German and American companies come to communicate with us, what we admire more is that our industrial robots have rich application scenarios.”

In the field of industrial robots such as cars, which are used earlier and have a strong ability to use, foreign-funded traditional industrial robots companies occupy a positive market share and constitute a part of the market.ABBKuka, Fanaco and Sichuan Electric Machinery“Four we race”The image of occupational monopoly of industrial robots.

Sometimes, however, the advantages of tradition may become a fetter for further development.

Relying on the huge and different needs of shopping malls in China, industrial robots in China have gradually explored a special way of encirclement, that is, according to the new application scenarios and the need to force technological innovation, different from the traditional standardized industrial robots, to excavate and cultivate more subdivided shopping malls, and then share all the jobs. Industry development.

According to Biaret, robots are still the primary substitute for people to do things. Many companies, such as electronics, request robots not only to traditional robotic arms, but also to be able to actively perceive, decide on plans, perform and so on. Many structures of this kind of robot are different from traditional robots.

For example, Zhongyuan Zhiren of New Third Board Company(833135)It's a company that develops and manufactures intelligent picture detection robots that, together with robots, request robots to use them.“Both eyes”Find the defect of electronic goods to replace manual detection.

This kind of application scenario is completely different from the traditional industrial robots working scenario in car, heavy industry and other fields.

  “In fact3CProfessional needs for robots are very urgent, but traditional robot manufacturers have not given appropriate solutions, new manufacturers will think of various ways to get orders.”Said bire.“China's industry can improve very fast, they will go to understand how the customer was manually done, and then give the customer advice, how to change the method to do with robots. This kind of story is happening everywhere in our country.”

Therefore, Biaret believes that industrial robots in our country are moving very fast in the application technology and subdivision category, and have many advantages that are admired by foreign countries.

Some industrial robotics companies in China have begun to push overseas shopping malls to complete a special encirclement in the application scenario.

Brant2016Annual report shows that the company's foreign shopping malls opened up a remarkable development, foreign trade sales from last year's510Ten thousand increase to1100More than ten thousand yuan, year-on-year increase124%。

Some of these revenues accounted for the proportion of Bronte's overall operating income, which was lacking in the previous year.4%Raise to5.5%Shopping malls have been opened to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey and other countries.

Bronte Chairman Yin Rongzhuang, in an interview with reporters at the New Third Board Forum of the Securities Times, said that the company did not have many foreign trade workers today, as long as five or six people, to adopt a resigned market opening strategy.“Test water”。“Extension of foreign trade requires a cumulative period of time, and it is still the first time to expand our troops.”

However, in the face of two shopping malls at home and abroad, Yin Rongzhuang also shows that the urgent need is to occupy our country's shopping malls, and then foreign shopping malls are followed.“After the cruel competition at home, it is clarified that the competitiveness of commodities is very strong, and there will be shopping malls abroad.”

In addition to Bronte, Zhongyuan Homo's intelligent picture detection robot has also been sold to Japan, and China's industrial robots overseas shopping malls are slowly opening up.

But in Biaret's view, this is not particularly widespread.“Domestic industrial robotics companies have developed many robots with different scenarios, which are widely used, but still more.‘Soil method’There is no complete system.”Biaret believes that some of the appropriate exports are due to industrial handling and word-of-mouth is taken out to constitute a sale.

Piaret thought,“Internationalization is the next step.”

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