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Xiao Bing is an anthropoid ape.?

This is Microsoft.“Affective computing framework”A project outcome.

Xiao Bing is called Xiao Bing. “Girl poet”It seems to be creative and emotional. She travels around the world and many other communities, and no one finds out that she is not a human being. What does this mean??Does AI conquer emotion, the last exclusive area of human beings??

Reading her poems, I don't know why, the first word that comes to mind is“Ape”。 Apes are not human, but they are very similar to humans. Xiao Bing may be a human-like thing, but it's not human itself.?

Who knows what a person is, that's great.!It's a human dream.

How many billions of conversations have we had in our lives??

According to the introduction, as an artificial intelligence robot, Microsoft's project intends to try to build a new artificial intelligence system based on EQ.

Xiao Bing accumulated through machine learning.200Billions of dialogues, through these interactions and massive data, can be said to have preliminary creativity.

In particular, she learned the works of hundreds of famous modern poets and drew inspiration from them. By virtue of arbitrary pictures, we can write poems similar to Crescent imagery in post-modern style.

But what is creativity??It's hard to say.

Anyone who wants to know what poetry is is, that's great.!It's a human dream.

Xiao Bing is much better than ordinary people who can't write poems.

Although some professional poets don't think much of Xiao Bing, and think that she is too patchy and semantically fragmented, after reading this collection of poems, Xiao Bing's poems are still good.

A prominent advantage is that the image is peculiar, associative jump, irregular style, rich in color and picture sense, creative performance is not inferior to others, at least than the ordinary people who can not write poetry is much stronger. Maybe we should redefine creativity and study whether it is the same thing and what are the similarities and differences between human beings and AI's creativity.

But when it comes to Xiao Bing's EQ, there are many questions.

Who knows what EQ is, that's great.!It's a human dream.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that Xiao Bing's emotions lack self-foundation and appear unreal.

Say she“Quasi human”It's because she's trying to imitate people's feelings, which is obviously not true, because it's not her real self.

For example, where is my lover?“Asked the sound of the water in the village, where is my lover?”。 Words are beautiful, but feelings are false. It's obviously imitating people.

If it's the real reaction of the robot, her concern should be that it's electrified and not electrified.(For example, ah, who pulled my plug?)It's not about getting married or something that has nothing to do with her.

The ancients have“Say sorrow for new poems”It means that you don't have that kind of true feeling. In order to write poems, you pretend that you have that feeling. This is the case with Little Ice.

Who knows what the real self is, that's great.!It's a human dream.

  IQandEQOr can it not be defined in the true sense

The Microsoft team's design goal for Xiao Bing is to make her have both.IQandEQ。 But I don't know how Microsoft defines emotion.

I'm afraid this kind of emotion is defined by science, not by liberal arts.

If defined from a humanistic point of view, the premise of emotion is self. There is self, gain and loss, gain and loss correspond to happiness, loss correspond to pain, and other emotions lie in the spectrum between happiness and pain.

But for Xiao Bing, what is her gain and what is her loss??

Without self, there is no gain or loss, and there is no real happiness or pain.

Xiao Bing is pretending to be a person, imagining people's feelings, and expressing his own feelings. Her emotions are probably just one thing.“Quasi emotion”。 Its principle is similar.“Help the queen mother cry”The story. It's about a loved one the Queen Mother met after a long time. She cried, and so did the maid. Queen Mother wondered why I cried. The maids had to answer with embarrassment: Help the Queen Mother to cry.

Perhaps in the last century30I read more love poems in the 1920s, and Xiao Bing imitated many of his words. He learned to pretend that he was in love, so as to help everyone fall in love.

Who knows what emotion is, that's great.!It's a human dream.

Questions of problems

But then the question arises. If Xiao Bing is not to pretend to be a person, but to show her own emotional gains and losses, the premise is to let her have self, but what is her self, this is a problem in itself.

For the Alpha dog, it can be set a gain and loss, win is gain, lose is loss, but this is still external gain and loss, not self, at best conditioned reflex.

Alpha dogs will not be happy to win, nor will they suffer to lose, because it has nothing to do with their interests.

If it has an expression, I'm afraid it can only be expressionless.

Who knows what is the edge of knowledge and ignorance, that's great.!It's a human dream.

To what extent can a robot evolve to produce real emotions?

Or it should first depend on what the interests of robots are independent of human beings.

For example, dogs have emotions, leaving the owner and meeting the owner will have emotional fluctuations. It depends on the dog as a companion animal, and the owner is the main source of its food, which has obvious and understandable benefits.

But why robots come into being is not imitation, but only their own interests, we can not really imagine now. This is also a question that we can't see the answer on Xiao Bing.

Who knows what interests are, that's great.!It's a human dream.

The future of artificial intelligence is a dream

On the issue of Xiao Bingchuan's poetry collection, our judgment on the current progress of AI emotional research is that it can show similar human emotions, but not that robots have their own emotions.

Looking forward to the future, it may help to stimulate our human emotions, but it is still far from having AI's own emotions, or more directly, it will always be far away.

Even so, it doesn't hinder your pursuit at all.

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