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In recent years, the use of robots has gradually shifted from industrial areas to cleaning, medical care, helping the elderly and the disabled, and home services. China's service robot market has been rapidly developed. The data show that in the next five years, the average compound annual growth rate of the service robot profession in China is expected to reach.40%The penetration rate of shopping malls is gradually improving.

Service Robot Applications Areas Expanding

Service robots are first implemented in developed countries. Nowadays, service robots such as sweeping robots and surgical robots have made some achievements in the shopping malls of developed countries. The growth rate has slowed down gradually, and China has become the largest shopping mall for service robots.

The reason why service robots have infinite development potential and broad business space in China is that, first, the profit-making age of Chinese personnel has passed, the number of people engaged in simple labor together with rising human costs is becoming fewer and fewer, and the replacement rate of robots for manual work is gradually improving.

Secondly, with the improvement of living standards, people's disposable income is constantly increasing and their purchasing power is gradually improving, which enables them to bear the cost of using service robots.

Thirdly, service robots are in great need in special areas. For example, with the acceleration of China's aging, people need to add care and care for the elderly. There is a problem of insufficient medical service personnel. Service robots as a feasible plan occur. Furthermore, in the field of public safety, service robots can reduce casualties in risky environments.

In terms of career development, first and foremost, robotics is a high-tech profession. Compared with developed countries, China's service robot profession started relatively late. Therefore, domestic companies are now in a technological downturn, but together, domestic companies also have specific competitive advantages, because services usually need to contact specific shopping malls. Domestic companies usually need to have a deeper understanding of the local culture, environment and consumers, and can positioning their products very well, so as to win the competitive advantage.

Secondly, the robotic profession is a high-input profession, and the cost is the key to restrict the development of all professions. Therefore, the price of robotic products is high all over the world. For the robotic development and manufacturing companies of commodity providers, the key to the development of the company is to find a balance between the needs of consumers and prices.

Prospective Industrial Research Institute analysis, with the further explosion of domestic service robot market, there will be more capital and companies to enter the service robot category in the future. Market entrants should pay attention to that the central competitiveness of service robots lies in their service characteristics, so market participants should not only be technical. Continuous innovation, break, more importantly, from the consumer's central appeal to start, in service efforts.

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