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When the World Economic Forum says, here we go2020Years, we'll be robbed by robots5,000,000What does this mean for today's workers??Will they be completely idle? Maybe they just need to learn new skills.?

What's your opinion on how robots inspire and influence your company??

How Robots Affect Human Work

  1.For automated production

In the near future, most of the production of goods will be finished by machines. We are ready for this moment. This has important implications for how we plan our goods and how to calculate their cost. This reality will split our country's production advantage. We can also see that many commodity production will return to its own country, because machines can replace our cheap labor.——Andrew·Thomas,SkyBellDoorbell

  2.More time to do common sense homework

Near5Over the past few years, the addition of automation has resulted in a more streamlined team of consultants. We simply spend our time on jobs that require a lot of common sense and expertise, because the business processes associated with the Internet of Things can handle most of our administrative, financial and organizational tasks every day. We are very excited to keep going this way.

  3.Progress management skills

As a company owner, one of the hardest jobs is to use all the capital you allocate effectively and profitably. I think it's a good time for me to work with robots instead of people, which can help me improve my ability as a leader. When I feel that I can communicate effectively with my employees now, I need to learn how to handle robots very well to improve the company's overall productivity.

  4.Not much has changed.

Our agent will establish direct contact with our customers, but you can't use robots to establish contact with customers. So I can see an endless change in my company. On the one hand, because more missions can be automated and more powerful, I think it can help my company grow agile. I'm very supportive of automation. The more missions we complete, the better. So robots can help us in that respect.——Nicole·Munhoz,Start Ranking Now

  5.It's time for us to pay attention to other assignments.

I see that robots can affect many aspects of our work, but not necessarily the way we work. Robots, for example, can help us do common tasks like cleaning and dating, but they can't connect with our customers. Robots can help us automate some work procedures and allow us to use our wisdom to pay attention to other work.

  6.Adding a need for specific services

My company suppliesITInfrastructure custody, because robotic skills have gained greater momentum, the need for our services will also increase. Modern robotic skills require a lot of accounting to process anything offline, whether it is big data or accounting machine vision. This means that infrastructure providers can customize the services provided by robotic channels.——Vick·Patel,Future hosting

  7.Our days will be easier.

As a network organization, I don't think my core team will be replaced by machines. At our core, we are still a problem-solving team. We need to create something in common for every customer. Robots are tools that make our lives easier in marketing, development or planning.

  8.No impact

I don't think robots will affect my company. We produce skin care products every day. Robots are hard to maintain and handle if they work every day. We will personally take care of our customers, and robots have no heart, it is very difficult to empathize. reach2020In 2008, I will still see that at my initiative, I work with my team to eliminate skin flaws and inferiority complex.——Daisy Jing,Banish

  9.Give us more time to do creative and strategic homework

My company has automation skills to reduce routine tasks, which gives employees more time to focus on higher-level missions such as unstructured creativity and loving consensus. We are heartened by the fact that AI can add power and output, and that it can concentrate on strategic solutions and higher value-added operations.

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