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Robots can choose roles

Detroit: Change will be2018Launched in 2000, we now know little about this robot-themed game, such as the life of robots in human society, as well as the details of the game and so on.

In Detroit: A Change of Man, robots are planned to be very close to humans and are almost out of touch now.“Horror valley effect”It's a quasi-human horror. These robots have sophisticated biological components, which work like human organs, and then become the energy of the body through substances like blue blood.

They plan robots to be as real as possible so that they can get used to different kinds of people. So in this work, robots are not the artificial intelligence of supercomputers. Every robot has its own identity and activity.

  “A robot planned to look like a grandmother whose duty is to take good care of the children. Do Teachers and Nurses Need Super Artificial Intelligence?This setting is completely meaningless.CyberLifeThe planned robot's glasses also take into account the reality of human practice and make the rolling of the eyes as simple and natural as possible.”DavidSay.

After all, there is a question about what kind of robots exist in Detroit: A Change of Man.?David CageIndicate that smartphones may be the most appropriate way to describe these robots.

  “Buying robots in the game is like buying mobile phones in practice. You can sell mobile phones with different colors and scales, and then customize their appearance. What we imagine is that in the shop you buy a start-up version of other robots, but you can also buy extra clothes to define their identity. Help mobile robots, teacher robots, nurse robots, like your mobile phone, and the robots you buy can not be promoted in the future, but need to purchase new products.”

Detroit: Change will be2018Exclusive salePS4The way, please look forward to.

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