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Significant progress!Robot Learning to Print Human Organs?

Serious patients who have to undergo organ transplantation have to wait for the right organs, depending on the time, place and people, wait until the end of the world, and sometimes even take moral hazards. However, the U.S. software industry Advanced Solutions Develop the first human organization in the world 3D Printing robot "BioAssemblyBotIt can print biomedical materials and is currently learning how to print human organs in the hope of bringing innovative therapies to the medical community.

  BioAssemblyBot It can use touch screen and laser sensor to inform the moving direction of robot arm and nozzle and the next step, built-in organizational structure information model.(Tissue Structure Informational Modeling,TISM)Software that allows users to design organizational structures in advance, visualize them, and then deliver blueprints to them BioAssemblyBot Execution.

  CNBC ReportsAdvanced Solutions President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Golway 23 In an interview with Japan, he pointed out that in this process, the most challenging is 3D Bioprinting Materialsbioink"bioink It must conform to the mechanical principle of the printing process and cover the necessary elements so that the printed organization can "live up".

  Golway Admittedly, companies still have to invest a lot of effort and research to print organs that can actually be used by humans. What we can do now is print out. 25 Coin-sized liver cells, combined with angiogenesis Technology 3D Architecture, then try to mimic liver function.

  Advanced Solutions The technology is also used to simulate lungs, hearts, kidneys, pancreas, bones and human skin.Golway Believe it. 5 This technology will be able to walk out of the laboratory and conduct clinical trials in 2008.

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