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For“Robots grab jobs”For example, there are many people who can immerse themselves in the attitude of half the sky in every minute, and the traditional industry has a good preference for them. So the big guys are not soft with the robot, so that the traditional industry can catch the fast boat of the emerging industry and catch the first chance.

How to socialize the marketing of robots?

But a wave of robots entering the production workshop means another wave of employees are facing layoffs or job transfers, which inevitably causes many low-level employees to worry about. Does this mean one-way replacement??John of DDT·Hagel(John Hagel)Different answers are given.

He thought:“The wave of AI technology is actually an exciting time for brands to devote more time to conceptual work. If we give the machine the right to fulfil its simple ordinary mission, then practitioners will have more time to concentrate on conceiving advertising activities.”

Similarly, by giving the original basic labor to robots and the more challenging conceptual work to humans, we can also create a new space for growth with the same improvement of working power. Moreover, talents have a clear understanding of the company's primacy, and the essence of improving employees'generalization has a long-term development force for the company.

Of course, there must be a clear distinction between the division of labor between machines and humans, so that they can complement each other in their respective duties. The New York Times saved a lot of work by using artificial intelligence. The old media used a writing robot, which was released every day.300An express message was sent to its diplomatic media. So for other revisions, there will be more energy to focus on in-depth reporting or brand value-added.

In addition, in terms of information collection and policy determination, robots can best reflect their own advantages, while in terms of establishing contacts, team building, brand building and so on, they are the main battlefield of human beings. Therefore, making good use of the advantages of robots and human beings has the primary significance for the growth of the company.

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