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Driven by technological changes and availability of digital data, marketing is undergoing tremendous changes. One of the most important changes is to improve the ability of marketers to understand the concerns of customers and potential buyers and then act on that information.

Can marketing robots change marketing methods?

Today's marketers are watching buyers leave digital tracks, the pages they view, the buttons they press on their mobile devices, and they areFacebookorTwitterComments made above. By observing how consumers behave, marketers can understand what buyers care about and what matters to them.

By aggregating this digital data and using the right algorithms, marketers can recommend products, offer interesting benefits, and create personalized experiences for one consumer rather than tens of thousands of consumers.

Machine learning is very suitable for this type of data aggregation, analysis and recommendation. In order to further understand the role of AI in marketing, I talked with two experts.

  Sameer PatelyesKahuna SoftwareChief Executive Officer,Andrew EichenbaumyesKahunaDirector of science. This dialogue isCXOTALK“Dialogue with the world's most important and productive innovators”Series discussion209Set.

  Kahuna SoftwareIt's a family.B2CMarketing Automation Provider. We have built a real-time platform for brands to understand their consumers'interests and preferences. Within seconds, make a meaningful offer in front of them. This is a new way to get AI to serve your customers at the right time and on the right devices.

We focus on convergence and the need for consumer brands to rethink how to engage and trade with consumers.

We are in a new era where you can market to anyone, maybe every day.14reach16For an hour. People are bound to their smartphones, which are always there, and there are many ways to reach them, all through a single device. This connectivity has become ubiquitous over the past five years, at least in the U.S. market.

Now you will say that sending spam is easy, but nobody wants to do it because people are allergic to spam. So, it's not just about not sending spam.;You need to know what to send, when to send it, and how to send it to people. What information do you really want to send them??Moreover, the problem is still expanding.

We are now in an area where we can consider improving the long-term value of all my customers. I want to increase their overall participation, which is what marketers can achieve now. In the past, this was a vague goal, but now we can go further, try and act.

Marketing automation was founded ten years ago. How are things going??The market is over $10 billion in size, but more than that every year.2800Billions of dollars of goods were dumped in shopping carts.2800Billion dollars!

That's exactly what you and I will do. We're almost ready to buy. We add our goods to the shopping cart, and then we leave them there. You are effectively pushing consumers to the finish line or providing them with support, information and research that may persuade them to complete their purchases.

E-commerce conversion rate2-3%。 That's terrible. All these seemingly correct investments have only brought about2-3%Conversion rate.

The key is to customize messages for consumers and choose channels to send to consumers?

This is necessary.!

Artificial intelligence can solve many problems. The question is, can you define what you really want??

The vast majority of modern AI is“Supervised learning system”。 We have historical data and we know the results. So, to get a special result, we should look at the data in advance. This is a process of continuous improvement and upgrading.

All this in simple English is no longer going on.“Lazy segmentation and coding”。 This technology has never been so complex, so we keep putting random people in baskets to make ourselves feel that these subdivisions are important. The goal is to move in the direction that you can start dealing with and trading with an audience.

The data is very good. It is the center of data science. However, if the data is garbage, then the data science will be garbage, so most of the time of any data scientist is used to ensure that the data is accurately stored, planned and validated. So we can believe the results, because if we don't, why do we do it??

Historically, we have found the best time to send e-mails or notifications to the entire consumer community. Over time, you will find that for the entire consumer community, if we were on Tuesday morning.10It's best to send the last e-mail. So we waited until the moment was near and everything was fine. We can see a significant increase in sales.

But now we can do this for individual consumers. Over the past few months, we have seen a person enter and respond to information through various channels, or fail to respond to information. Then we know how they will respond to what kind of news.

So we no longer bomb the whole group at some point in the week. We can set up our advertising campaign to send advertising messages to specific users at a predetermined time or behavior, and through public channels. We have a lot of processing power, so this is no longer a limiting factor.

  KahunaFive billion incidents were dealt with today. It's a cloud-based, linear, scalable system, so we can easily expand it by adding more computers when we get more data.

E-mail Sending System Established Ten Years agoKahunaPremise. We have now reached a point where the number of our participation and contacts as consumers has increased from one to another.(E-mail)It has developed into many. And we haven't even seen signs of an end to this trend.

Today, email and mobile phones and text messages still dominate. Tomorrow, we will have a lighthouse to guide us.;After that, we will have the Internet of Things, and we will have chat robots. Our participation will increase.

Each contact point will start sending us different events, and e-mail will never be answered. We can accept signals from these different contact points, understand them, and add them to the user's profile.

Machine learning can tell us that the correct way to contact Michael is to contact him by e-mail at 7 p.m. Thursday, because he seems to be using his laptop to surf the Internet at this time and seems to want to buy something.

This technology fundamentally changed the working situation of nothing but email sending machines. Batch sending and bombing, batch sending and bombing, batch sending and bombing. We allow marketers to reach customers in a completely different way.

The core of this concept is cross-channel. You can respect people's favorite steps in completing this journey and deal with them in such a new way.

For every marketer, and frankly for every CEO and consumer brand, this is a question that has been known for decades, right??The cost of acquiring new customers is soaring. But once they have acquired customers, the technology to focus on and acquire customers starts here, allowing the acquired customers to make their first purchase. What is the job that actually needs you from the first purchase to the second purchase??

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