Medical Industry

"Medical" Solutions

Medical robots improve the efficiency of patient visits, relieve patient tension, create a relaxed and pleasant medical environment, improve

patient experience, improve hospital efficiency, and reduce doctor-patient disputes. Medical robots provide patients

with medical guidance in a lively and interesting interactive way. A series of convenient services

such as outpatient inquiry, medical guidance, and location navigation can be realized.

Application products such as: medical guidance robots, consultation and handling robots


Build a medical Q&A knowledge base to answer various medical consultation questions. There is no need for back-end human services. The robot can conduct verbal dialogues with patients, and through consultation questions raised by patients, for example, how to register? Where to pay? What to do with a cold? And so on, the robot performs semantic understanding, responds to patients in voice and graphics, and better provides patients with a full range of services.

Seek medical advice

The robot uses voice prompts to guide the patient to inquire about the department that needs to be treated. For example, if the patient has a headache, the robot will voice prompt the patient to follow the corresponding operation to further determine the department that needs to be treated, and display graphic introduction and voice prompts. At the same time, the WeChat QR code for hospital registration pops up to facilitate patients to register easily.

Location navigation

The robot can inform the patient in the form of voice and pictures according to the department where the patient consults. If the location is on the same floor, the patient can choose navigation guidance through the indoor navigation technology, and the robot will lead the patient to the specific department and other locations.

Soothes emotions

The robot looks cute and cute, can talk about it, and easily relieves the tension in the hospital, allowing patients to go to the doctor with peace of mind.

Application Products

Product examples based on successful commercial use

Yin Yin

Service robot

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Pei Pei

Service robot

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Service robot

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Secondary Development

AoBo Information Technology Co., Ltd. has many years of experience accumulation and technology accumulation, which can flexibly meet customer needs in many aspects to achieve customization, and provides SDK interfaces for secondary development.

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AoBo has complete core technology independent intellectual property rights, and can provide product patents, certificates, test reports, export certifications, etc.

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