Financial Industry

"Financial" solutions

Bank branches have high operating costs, increasing labor costs, and low efficiency and efficiency. It has become a consensus in the industry to

improve efficiency. Welcome customers, ask customer needs, guide and answer customer business, handle customer opinions,

resolve conflicts, reduce customer complaints, recommend banking financial products, and provide financial advice.

A large part of the work can be replaced by robots, thereby reducing The workload of the lobby

manager reduces costs and improves reception efficiency, while also providing

customers with a more intimate business experience.

Application products such as: business consulting robots, queuing and numbering robots, VIP welcoming robots

VIP Welcome

The robot can actively greet customers, ask them what business they need to handle, distinguish VIP customers through the face recognition function, and lead VIP customers to the VIP channel for business.

Business Consulting

According to the questions asked by the customer, the robot answers the customer through pictures, text, voice and other methods after analysis, prompts the customer to handle the business-related procedures, prepares the materials, and guides the customer to fill in the relevant forms in the designated area. Guide, lead customers to the self-service equipment area, guide customers to use self-service equipment to handle business on their own, and improve the efficiency of bank branches.


In free time, the robot uses the customer's fragmented time at the bank branch to independently broadcast the bank's recent main promotion business (the promotion content can be customized by the bank), guide the customer to scan the QR code of the relevant bank APP, official account, etc., and use voice, picture, etc. , To guide customers to register for use, increase the number of online customers of the bank.

Take Number

The customer handles the business according to his needs, clicks a button on the robot screen, and the robot prints a small ticket.

Application Products

Product examples based on successful commercial use

Pei Pei

Service robot

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Yin Yin

Service robot

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Service robot

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Secondary Development

AoBo Information Technology Co., Ltd. has many years of experience accumulation and technology accumulation, which can flexibly meet customer needs in many aspects to achieve customization, and provides SDK interfaces for secondary development.

Patent Certificate

AoBo has complete core technology independent intellectual property rights, and can provide product patents, certificates, test reports, export certifications, etc.

Engineering Protection

Since its establishment, SJM has a sound management system to protect projects to ensure that the core interests of customers are protected.