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With the development of artificial intelligence technology, computer technology and other related technologies, there

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, computer technology and other related technologies, there

universities have opened courses in robotics among students. In order to meet the

needs of teaching demonstration and experimental teaching in robotics.

Core Value

Promote the value-added of teaching quality, open up new horizons of education and teaching; provide an important support basis for schools to train high-level talents; the level of educational equipment has become an important indicator of the modernization of schools.

Start An Experiment

Provides standard functional interface definitions, and can expand functional modules by themselves; adopts highly anthropomorphic structural design and transmission system, which can be used as a reference for structural designers to design expansion and then expand; can expand image recognition, face recognition, infrared tracking, and posture Intelligent control methods such as simulation are used as an intelligent control platform for the secondary development of automation control personnel.

Application Field

Vocational college students, undergraduate course trials, extracurricular activities, graduation projects, competitions, laboratory welcoming explanations for primary and middle school students, etc. Undergraduate students, graduate students, doctoral students, teachers and other related disciplines researches such as machinery, electronics, robotics, automation, mechatronics, testing technology, computer, etc.

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Service robot

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Smart Chassis

Service robot

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Secondary Development

AoBo Information Technology Co., Ltd. has many years of experience accumulation and technology accumulation, which can flexibly meet customer needs in many aspects to achieve customization, and provides SDK interfaces for secondary development.

Patent Certificate

AoBo has complete core technology independent intellectual property rights, and can provide product patents, certificates, test reports, export certifications, etc.

Engineering Protection

Since its establishment, SJM has a sound management system to protect projects to ensure that the core interests of customers are protected.