Food Industry

"Restaurant + Hotel" solution

With the upgrading of consumption, users pay more and more attention to the hotel experience. The severe homogeneity of traditional

hotel services has long been unable to meet the consumption needs of young audiences. The high labor cost of hotels makes

it difficult to recruit and retain people. Usually need to be equipped with a large number of shift workers to

ensure the quality of service, which is likely to cause waste of human resources. AoBo launched the

hotel intelligent service robot, which can replace part of the staff's responsibilities

reduce the cost of employment, and transform the staff from labor

intensive to brain-powered. Create more benefit value

Deliver food

The robot provides food delivery services for guests. When meals are ready, the robot delivers the food to the guests according to the corresponding table number, saving most of the restaurant manpower.

Tableware recycling

The robot can cruise every table in the restaurant regularly, stop at the guest table, and take the initiative to put the tableware on the robot tray, without the need for manpower to recycle the tableware

attract customer

The robot screen can play restaurant promotional videos and pictures, recommend the restaurant’s special features and special foods of the day, and attract people into the store at the door through the image of the robot.

Goods transportation

After receiving the instruction, the robot can transport and transport items such as small and medium items (drinks, fast food, documents, etc.) to the designated room location, which is safe, convenient and efficient.

Welcome reception

For guests entering the hotel, the robot camera can automatically record VIP customers with facial recognition, and recognize the arrival of VIP customers to give a special welcome and increase customer experience.

Business handling

Guests can directly operate check-in registration, room reservation, route floor query, hotel surrounding service query, etc. (customized) on the robot

Application Products

Product examples based on successful commercial use

Ben Ben

Transport robot

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Pao Pao

Transport robot

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Ka Ka

Transport robot

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Secondary Development

AoBo Information Technology Co., Ltd. has many years of experience accumulation and technology accumulation, which can flexibly meet customer needs in many aspects to achieve customization, and provides SDK interfaces for secondary development.

Patent Certificate

AoBo has complete core technology independent intellectual property rights, and can provide product patents, certificates, test reports, export certifications, etc.

Engineering Protection

Since its establishment, SJM has a sound management system to protect projects to ensure that the core interests of customers are protected.