Administrative Industry

"Administrative" Solutions

Provides robotic software systems and hardware modules for the administrative service field, a complete solution that integrates touch interaction,

dialogue interaction, image recognition, and physical interaction. It can present a rich and varied UI interface and speech skills,

which can replace or assist manual labor. Do guidance, business consulting, pilot navigation, business management,

publicity and broadcasting, etc., to realize the transfer of human resources to higher-end work.

Application products such as: publicity and explanation robot, consultation and handling robot, welcome and reception robot

Application products such as: promotion and explanation robots, consultation and handling robots, welcome and reception robots

Police Station

The police are closely related to thousands of households, and their influence is so great that they are the focus of attention. Services such as information consultation, location guidance, publicity and announcements, and queuing numbers provided by police robots can improve the efficiency of police officers, help people complete the process quickly, and further accelerate the intelligentization of the public security system. It is the inevitable trend of the development of the times.


With the development of science and technology, the focus of artificial intelligence on smart justice in judicial construction has gradually become a hot spot and focus. In the procuratorate, robots can provide people with services such as problem consultation, location guidance, case retrieval, and legal publicity to help visitors solve their questions, improve the efficiency of staff handling cases, reduce duplication of work, and enhance new vitality for the construction of smart prosecutors

Industry and Commerce Bureau

In order to implement the spirit of the important instructions of national leaders on increasing the reform of the business environment, and focus on promoting the internationalization, rule of law, and facilitation of the business environment, artificial intelligence + robots have become an inevitable trend. Robots can provide services such as business consultation, guidance diversion, policy promotion, and queuing numbers in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, which provides convenience for people, saves time for staff, and improves efficiency.

Government Affairs Hall

In response to practical problems such as the difficulty and slowness of handling affairs for the masses and enterprises, the government service center relies on the government service platform to carry out in-depth "robot + government service" work, allowing robots to realize business consultation, guiding and diversion, policy publicity, queuing and collecting numbers. Strive to enable enterprises and the masses to do things in a simplified and intelligent way, so as to achieve the best business environment, efficient work efficiency and intelligent government services.


AoBo Robotics can provide people with legal advice, location guidance, litigation calculation and case search, contract downloads, etc. Robots can be people’s legal counsel to solve the confusion of people who have legal issues, who do not know who to consult, who want to file a lawsuit, and who are unwilling to bear legal responsibility. I don't know how to prepare materials and costs, and alleviate the shortage of legal professionals.

Tax bureau

AoBo Tax Robot mainly provides services such as intelligent tax consulting, guidance and diversion, tax education, and queuing up numbers. Effectively make up for the lack of human resources in the tax hall during peak periods and relieve the anxiety when waiting in line. This not only effectively relieves the pressure on the staff of the Tax Service Department, but also reduces the waiting time for taxpayers and provides taxpayers with convenient, accurate and efficient services.

Application Products

Product examples based on successful commercial use


Service robot

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Yin Yin

Service robot

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Service robot

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Secondary Development

AoBo Information Technology Co., Ltd. has many years of experience accumulation and technology accumulation, which can flexibly meet customer needs in many aspects to achieve customization, and provides SDK interfaces for secondary development.

Patent Certificate

AoBo has complete core technology independent intellectual property rights, and can provide product patents, certificates, test reports, export certifications, etc.

Engineering Protection

Since its establishment, SJM has a sound management system to protect projects to ensure that the core interests of customers are protected.