Guangzhou Aobo Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. The company integrates scientific research and development, industrial design, manufacturing, and product marketing of intelligent service robot products. With the mission of "creating a smart life", it has grown into the world's leading provider of commercial service robot R&D and manufacturing and robot application solutions, and is committed to providing individuals and business users with the most innovative and valuable commercial robot products and application solutions.

Guangzhou Aobo obtained the national high-tech enterprise certificate in 2016, has independent intellectual property rights and core technology, and obtained 108 national patents. Through strategic cooperation with top international technical institutions, a solid technical foundation for the development of commercial service robots has been accumulated.

Aobo is the pioneer of China's commercial service robots, and has independently developed products such as medical robots, hotel robots, banking robots, government machines, pension robots, diagnosis guidance robots, security robots, and special operation robots. It can provide intelligent service robot integrated solutions for catering, real estate, schools, banks, government affairs, hotels, airports, cinemas, supermarkets, hospitals, homes, automobile 4S stores, shopping centers, office spaces and other service fields.

The company's sales network covers all parts of the world, and its products are not only sold to 34 provinces and cities in China, but since 2015, it has realized the deduction of products in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions.

Company Vision

Focus on the field of commercial service robots and achieve industry benchmark brands!

Core Values

Integrity management, multi-party win-win, more practical work, customer satisfaction, loyalty and friendliness, mutual assistance, diligence and enterprising, love and dedication, criticism and self-criticism, innovation。


Continue to invest in research and development resources to create smarter, higher-performance, and more reliable commercial service robots for users.

Quality policy

Strict management, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction!

Our Mission

Focus on the challenges and pressures that customers care about, provide competitive service robot solutions and services, and continue to create maximum value for customers, shareholders, and employees.


We will abide by the corporate tenet of "harmonious development and win-win cooperation", give priority to ensuring the interests of users and partners, and even let others make money when necessary, so as to realize the positive-sum game of win-win cooperation. We are convinced that only under the premise that the interests and needs of the parties in cooperation are better met, respected and guaranteed, the cooperative relationship between us can be continuously consolidated, optimized and deepened, thus laying a more solid foundation for the sustainable development of the company Foundation. The term "hehe" first came from "Guoyu? Zheng Yu": "The contract of commerce can harmonize the five religions, so as to protect the people." "Book of Changes" talks about "harmony and Taihe". "Harmony" is a humanistic spirit that is generally accepted and recognized in Chinese ideology and culture. It has a positive guiding role in self-cultivation, harmony in the family, and governance of the country. "Harmonious development, win-win cooperation" better reflects the corporate purpose of harmony with customers, society, and employees. Only in this way can the company continue to flourish.

  • 2020

  • 2019
    AoBb Robotics has served thousands of companies in government, banks, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, exhibition halls, commercial buildings and other places. Its distribution network covers all parts of the country and has provided services to hundreds of cities in China. The robots are exported to many developed countries and regions such as Dubai, the United States, India, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Iran, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, and Australia.
  • 2018
    Launched security patrol robots and hotel transfer robots, and officially entered the field of security robots and transfer robots.
  • 2017
    Launched the first humanoid welcoming robot, realizing the robot has 28 movable joints, ten-finger dexterity, autonomous walking and other functions. In the same year, it won the "National High-tech Enterprise Certificate" and "Guangdong Independent Innovation Demonstration Enterprise" and other honorary certificates.
  • 2016
    AoBo Robotics launched the first restaurant service robot, Lele, and quickly started to work around the world.
  • 2015
    company has obtained a number of computer software copyrights and robot design patents.
  • 2014
    Guangzhou Aobo Information Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established, with complete R&D, production, sales and after-sales departments.
  • 2009
    The founder of Aobo Service Robots, Mr. You Jinlong, began to engage in the field of robotics, and the R&D team began to be established. Robot design and R&D relied on the support of well-known universities such as the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tsinghua University, the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and established long-term cooperative relationships.

Guangdong Independent Innovation Demonstration Enterprise

High-tech Enterprise Certificate

Listed on the Guangdong Enterprise Honor List